SPW Consulting Services
SPW Consulting Services

“Preparing Future Leaders of Tomorrow”

SPW Consulting Services (SPW) is a Texas based firm which offers highly trained professionals for a variety of business solutions.  Our firm has over 20 years of professional experience with unique skills and knowledge in Business Professional Change Management, Training, Implementation, and Staff Augmentation.  SPW is eager to help your company achieve their business goals with positive change and growth to remain competitive in their industry.  To ensure we meet these demands, we employ highly experienced practitioners with extensive knowledge in respective areas. This rare blend of business and technical expertise, uniquely positions SPW to meet the business challenges and opportunities of your business.

Business Opportunities Objective

Core Values and Strategic Principles

We Envision System and Process
  • Integrity - SPW is trusted to serve our customers’ best interest in all that we do. We practice fairness and equity among ourselves.

  • Competency - SPW Competency is expected in everything that we do. Our ability and capability to serve the interest of the customer in our special areas of expertise are evident.  Our associates are trained and selected to ensure that they are advocates for professional conduct. 

  • Flexibility - We are participative and flexible organization that promotes growth, change and learning. SPW is committed to researching and developing improvements to our practice through innovative techniques.

  • Communication - SPW understands that communication is a key facet of our success and our basic business, is about to communications excellence between individuals and Groups.  We are dedicated to creating clear and purposeful communication.

  • Service - SPW We support socially responsible change through various outreach activities with private, public and volunteer organizations in our communities.

  • Are re-engineered for simplicity and timeliness
  • Make improved use of technology both internally and externally
  • Use a variety of methods to make information easily accessible
  • Present information in more meaningful ways, tailored to the intended audience
  • Are in a state of continuous improvement


  • SPW, LLC seeks projects or contracts where the company will serve as the primary contractor or sub-contractor.  We welcome opportunities to partner or team with other firms; government; and/or individuals to deliver leading edge organization and/or community development consulting services.

  • SPW, LLC markets itself to Federal, State and Local government entities and is highly interested in pursuing international opportunities to assist organizations and communities pursuing global disparities within their programs and services.